Tuesday, 15 April 2008


When first getting the brief 100 i sat down and thought what possible things could i collect 100 things off, but as the lsit got longer and longer i thought i need to think of a direction and then it came to me, i will see what i can collect 100 things from my loft. After finding many things such as coins, stamps, book i decided to use the toys as it was something i collected and i have hundreds of them. The next challenge was to choose the 100 that i will use. After gathering research into peoples favorite and least favorites toys, i decided i need to categories them, and not just have a random selection. The 9 categories i decided on where:
1) Villains

2) Heroes

3) Disney Villains

4) Disney Heroes

5) Disney Animals

6) Disney Classics

7) Simpsons

8) Flintstones

9) Disney Title Character

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