Friday, 6 June 2008

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

The map of meetings!

Here are pictures taken of my final resolution where i represented the information i gathered from the public about their favorite meeting place, worst meeting place and birth place. 

DIY music is anti - commercial!

For this brief i had to choose a statement from the research topic i was given from someone else on my course. I was given DIY music and decided on the topic ' DIY music is anti-commercial.'

What makes a good friend?

For this brief i had to choose a statement from the research topic i was given from someone else on my course. The topic i got was friends, deciding on the question, ' what makes a good friend? '

Posters to promote book

For this brief i had to make quick decisions of a poster or series of posters to promote my book of 100 toys. these are my series of 3 posters. 

speaking from experience - promoting safe sex to students.

For this brief i decided to work collaboratively with a friend of mine on my course. We had to decide on a topic to make aware to students coming in to the 1st year. The topic we chose was safe sex, knowing what a sensitive topic it potentially can be, we had to really think and explore different ideas. The following promotional material including flyers and posters are in our final pack we have designed. We thought that all students need stationary, so what a better way to promote an important topic with something that is constantly used, plying on the topic with the different pieces of stationary. 

All the above
 are development work.

The advertising poster. 

The front cover of the pack. 

The poster that will be in each pack. 

All the below are flyers which which w
ill also have each piece of free stationary on to it. 

mail shot - traffic warden

For this brief we had to pick out a job from the 'randomizer' and package it using the appropriate media and promotional material. I picked a traffic warden. 

                                           Here are samples of the tax disc business card

                                                                         Flyer Design. 

                                                                          Final product. 

animal photography - tommy martin

When looking at Tommy martins work, i was really inspired by how he captures the moment of these beautiful animals. This then made me startlooking in to photographing animals. 

Elective Photography

For this brief I had to photograph anything really, developing my photography skills. I am really content with how my photograph skills have developed, producing some of the following photos, capturing the moment, whilst considering view points and lighting.